About Me - Michael Puttick BSc [Hons] FCIOB

I am a highly motivated construction professional with a wealth of experience and a strong ethical background.


I spent 23 years with the Try organisation helping the company to grow from a family business to a PLC and ultimately the Galliford Try Group.  Having joined as a Contracts Manager, I was appointed a Construction Director at the age of 34 and rose to the role of Deputy Managing Director.


In 2001, l had the opportunity to join Kingerlee Ltd, a fifth generation family business as Managing Director.  The brief was to help and guide the company to grow from a local Oxford builder into a recognised regional construction business operating within a 75mile radius of Oxford.  I’ve had the privilege of helping the company to achieve this goal over the last 17 years.


I have now stepped down from Kingerlee to form my own Consultancy.


During my career in main stream construction, I have become struck on many occasions by the lack of focus in making the whole process a more collaborative and efficient experience for Clients.  


For that reason, I have decided to form an independent Client advisory and support consultancy.  


The following proposals are not exhaustive but examples of how a project could be delivered in a more effective way to eliminate  a ‘them and us’ attitude with each member of the team acting with integrity  in the Clients best interests:

• From the earliest stages identifying a clearly defined brief that describes precisely what the Client wants and needs.

• Assisting in selecting a design and construction team that are committed to working in a totally collaborative way with realistic fees/margins.

• Ensuring that the budgets are realistic in the current market conditions.  

• Introducing value engineering in a timely way to give the Client options as early as possible.

• Questioning design detailing to ensure that the building will perform in line with Client expectations.

• Ensuring that the appropriate quality and capacity of supply chain are being considered.

• Involving specialists at an early stage to ensure that there is a fully integrated design that can be built economically in a realistic time frame.

• Establishing demonstrable and realistic programmes for the works.


In summary, my aim in advising and mentoring, is to engender a no blame culture to avoid costly disputes and to manage the Client’s expectations through the whole process.